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15 Stylish Spring Wedding Guest Outfits That Won’t Overshadow the Bride

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2022)

Last Updated on May 5, 2022 by Admin

If you’re invited to a wedding this spring, your one and only goal should be to dress to impress without stealing the bride’s thunder. That usually means staying away from anything bright white or a look that’s too revealing. But that doesn’t mean you have to blend into the background. We’ve unearthed several spring wedding guest outfits that tick both boxes.

Whether your bride-to-be planned a garden gathering, a church affair or a beach ceremony, there are fresh dresses, jumpsuits and matching sets you can sport that’ll have you looking your best. And while floral prints and bright colors are safe bets, you can stand out by opting for more neutral hues or cool patterns like polka dots or gingham. You should also look for something that you can wear multiple times this season as opposed to a one-hit wonder.

Another thing to consider? Price. There are many fast-fashion options ringing in under $100. Which will leave plenty of room for new shoes and a bag to complete your look. But attending a wedding is a great excuse to invest in a designer dress. Especially if you plan on wearing it to several ceremonies or straight through September. There’s no need to fret, though. Almost all of the designer options are under $700.

Here are 15 spring wedding guest outfits that won’t put you on the bride’s bad side.

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