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20 Cheap Wedding Dresses That Look Expensive

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2022)

Last Updated on May 12, 2022 by Admin

Getting hitched? Congrats! Unwilling to auction off a kidney in the name of an off-the-runway wedding dress from Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang, Marchesa, etc.? We hear you. It’s your day and you should spend it looking and feeling like the best version of yourself. Not racked with buyer’s guilt and avoiding all pigmented food and drink for fear of soiling your multiple-month’s-rent dress. But cheap wedding dresses that are actually stylish don’t really exist. Or do they?

Happily, the term “wedding dress” allows for more flexibility and creativity than ever before. In other words, you’ve got (affordable!) options. As with all our clothes, today’s women want wedding gowns that are cool, unstuffy and versatile. Along with a price tag that lets us indulge our wildest honeymoon fantasies. These days fashion- and budget-minded brides-to-be (like you) are sparing themselves the stress of wedding boutiques and instead picking up cheap wedding dresses from a number of buzzy labels that have popped up to fill the once-gaping void in the affordable wedding dress market.

Which labels, you say? Scroll down to shop chic and cheap wedding dresses (but not “cheap”) by some of our favorite democratic designers of the moment. From sassy party dresses to beach-ready creations and even church-appropriate dazzlers, there’s something to suit all tastes and sensibilities. And they’re all under $1,000.

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