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3 Places You Should NEVER Go on a First Date

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2022)

Last Updated on April 24, 2022 by Admin

There’s so much to think about when you’re out there meeting new guys and dating.

What should I say to him so that I sound like the perfect combination of funny and sexy?

What should I wear so that I look attractive but don’t subliminally signal that he’s gonna get some tonight?

What is my exit strategy if this guy turns out to be a foot shorter than he said he was in his online dating profile?

With all these questions buzzing around your mind, it’s easy to overlook where you go on a first date.

Maybe you think if he’s cute and I’m cute, why does it matter where we go on our first date?

Sparks will fly, or they won’t, right?


Not all places were made equal when it comes to first dates.

Want to know what to avoid on your next first date?

Watch this video. All will be revealed.

Set yourself up for the best chance of success when you’re dating.

Go somewhere and do something that will get you into a fun, flirty, feminine zone.

Don’t plan a date like you would a business meeting, then wonder why you’re just not feeling it.

A first date should be romantic and relaxed, and sensual.

So if a guy suggests doing any of the things I mention in the video, politely suggest something else that will really help you get to know each other and build attraction.

Key takeaway: never go on a first date to Dunkin’ Donuts. Just don’t do it. I promise it won’t end well.

Your Coach,

places you should never go on a first date

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