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Home maker is slightly positive word than housewife which no girl/women wants to call her. Welcome to read the best blog of behaviour with your beloved home maker (house wife).

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First of all we will ask ourselves that, “Who is homemaker?”. Is this a person (specially girl/women) who remains at home always to take care of children, her husband and do only household things?. I think many of the “So called men..!!” have this stereotype thinking only and they think girl/women is born to work for her family only and all sacrifice she has to do to make her husband life great, irrespective of her dreams.

I have seen in most of the house, housewife’s faces many problems listed below,

1. Married Girl/women is not too much educated so that she has to work for home only.

2. Many men’s don’t like his wife work after marriage.

3. Old mindset don’t let men to think out of the box.

4. Family taking her granted because they are thinking that, she is only doing household work so it is not important.

And many more reasons are there,

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So now our question is how we have to treat Home maker?

First thing that family have to take out from their mind that, “She is not useless”.Another thing which particularly husband have to understand that she has some dreams and it is your responsibility to fulfil that dreams or to support her to achieve it. When bias nature we will eliminate from our mind then only we can treat her as a respectable family member. 

One thought should be in everyone’s mind that “She is not your maid, she is your family member, so you don’t have to treat her like that”

1. Treat her like “Princess”, because she is not only taking care of you but also take care of whole house. And remember one thing that, “Managing house is not a smaller thing than managing a company”. It is a small company and she is handling it very well.

2. Don’t quarrel in every single small matters, because she is also intimately human and some times she also forget to handle the thing in right way even though she did her best effort.

3. Don’t take office burden to home and yelling on wife. Because she didn’t play any role in your bad office day. So always come home with smile.

4. Take her to surprise dinner some time because she also needs break from routine work.

5. Sit with her alone (if you have children) and ask her, how was her day? Is she tired?. Is she happy what she is doing?. Even though this small things many couples are ignoring to clarify, but trust me this small small things only make your relationship bond stronger.

6. Always call her by respectable name or by your given sweet name.

7. Don’t yell to her in public, if she made some mistake then tell her when you only 2 people are there. it is embarrassing to her to yell between so many people.

8. Morning when you leave for office, hug her and kiss her. This makes her day full of energy.

9. She feels tired sometimes, so as a partner give her body massage and relieve her pain, don’t let your ego in between.

10. Don’t force your thoughts on her on every single thing, give her space to think, to express her thought.

11. Go for movie or party in the weekend to enjoy. If she likes some particular thing then do it.

12. Ask her problems and try to solve it.

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She needs only care and little attention from you. Your love towards her makes her life full of joy. She left her parents home and settled with you so now you don’t have to see just as a housewife but always think of as a life partner.

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In starting days of marriage it will take some time to adjust with each other because of different backgrounds of both family but when you follow above steps then you will surely respect her.

Giving respect to housewife is our moral duty. Because just one holiday if you do all the work of your wife then you will come to know that, how hard is to handle the house nicely.

God bless all the home makers(house wife) and I heartily believe that your partner will do everything that I listed and give you all the joy what you truly deserves.


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