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Can You REALLY Trust the Guy You’re Dating? Here’s the Formula

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2022)

Last Updated on June 19, 2022 by Admin

Picture this: you’ve just started dating a new guy. He’s great, or at least you think he is.

The only problem is that you’re still carrying some (or a ton of) emotional baggage from a previous relationship. And that baggage can feel heavy.

What if he stands me up on Friday night, and I look like a total loser?

What if he breaks my heart like Josh did?

What if he’s catfishing me, and someone makes a sketchy reality TV show about us?

These questions all lead back to the same thing: can you trust him?

How long do you need to know a guy before you let your guard down and start to trust him?

What are the clear signs that you can trust a guy?

I’m answering this question in my latest video.

The trust formula that I share in this video is the formula I use for trusting anyone: people you’re dating, friends, colleagues, even family.

No more trusting too soon and feeling like a fool or being guarded with people you’ve been dating for months.

It’s time to make peace with your baggage, let it go for good, and ease your mind and heart.

Your Coach,

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