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Get creative and experiment with sex positions!

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2022)

Last Updated on April 23, 2022 by Admin

The weather outside is frightful but your bed is so delightful! There’s a reason so many babies are born in the summer and early fall, you have to stay warm somehow. When it’s too cold to do much else, one of the best ways to pass the time is by getting it on. Whether it’s a new fling, your cuffing season cutie, your long-term partner, or a friend with benefits, you deserve to have a spicy winter. What a good time to get creative and experiment with some fun new *ahem* activities.  Sometimes the classics are best, but still, if you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best winter sex positions to help you stay warm and steamy.

The Lazy Spoon

This one is ideal for a cold frosty morning where the thought of getting out of bed feels like the last thing you want to do. Turn off your alarm and stay under the covers, it’s time to take a scoop with the lazy spoon.

How To Do It: Start with your traditional spoon, with one partner lying behind the other. The partner on top instead of fitting perfectly as a little spoon lazily sprawls the leg that’s closer to their partner over their partner’s body. This position is great for penetrative sex, whether that’s with a penis or a dildo. It’s also awesome for manual stimulation, aka fingering. This can give your partner a great angle on your clitoris, just be sure to grab the lube!

The Shower Bath

Ever heard of a shower bath? Now you have. A shower bath is laying down in your shower or bathtub, but instead of plugging the drain, you let the shower faucet rain down on you. This is especially great when you’re getting intimate because water from a regular bath can wash away your natural lubrication.

How to Do It: When it comes to the shower bath, the only limit is your imagination. Some options are cowgirl with your partner propped on a bath pillow or oral sex with the receiver standing up. Still, safety first, be sure not to do anything that may cause you to slip and fall. This one’s also great for solo sex! What’s better than sex in a warm shower on a cold day? Just be sure your bathtub has been cleaned recently before you lay down in it! 

The Lotus

Winter is the time for slowing down and being gentle with yourself. No need to get too wild, winter sex positions are for building intimacy and of course – staying warm. The lotus is perfect for that.

How To Do It: One partner sits up, we recommend propping yourself up on a bunch of pillows against a wall. The other one then straddles them, facing them. Traditionally, you would both have your legs wrapped around each other, but that can be uncomfortable after a while, or may not work for certain bodies.  The lotus allows you to face each other, building intimacy through kissing, eye contact, and slowness. Yum!

The Sleeping Dog

Notice a theme here? This winter, we’re all about keeping it mellow, lazy, and catching your zzzs. Cue the sleeping dog. Woof, woof.

How To Do It: This is a twist on the loved classic, doggy style. To do it, one partner lays on their belly, and the other partner lays on top of them. Doggy style, but with less work. This doesn’t have to be done with penetration, it can also be used for fingering, or an extended neck kissing session.  To help yourself stay comfortable, you can prop up some pillows under your belly, and head. The partner on top can also lean more to one side if it’s too much weight on the bottom partner.

The Couch Cuddle

Since you’re not spending as much time outside, you probably want to get some adventure in. Explore your own house by taking things out of the bedroom, and onto the couch.

How To Do It: One of our favorite couch moves is a take on the reverse cowgirl. One partner sits on the couch, the other on their lap, facing away from them. This allows you to bump and grind to your heart’s content, while your partner has easy access to your breasts and clitoris.  Just be sure to lay down a sheet or a towel if you’re expecting things to get messy!

A Word on New Partners

Getting to know a new sexual partner can take time but is incredibly exciting. Before taking these moves for a spin, be sure to cover your bases first.

  • Get tested for sexually transmitted infections and discuss your status
  • Be clear about your expectations: It’s important to discuss what you’re looking for before you get too intimate. While things can always change, it’s easy to get hurt if one of you is looking for a long-term relationship while the other is just looking for a hookup.
  • Talk about what you like and don’t like. This can be a fun and sexy conversation!   

Enjoy Yourself

Not that we have to tell you, but sex is for your enjoyment and your connection with yourself and your sexual partner, not something to stress about. Let your partner know if there’s a new position you want to try, we guarantee they’ll be just as excited as you are. Don’t forget to stay warm, and have fun! 

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