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Fashionable capes: 3 things you need to know

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2022)

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What kinds of fall outerwear currently sit in your closet? A leather jacket, a rain coat, a trench? What about a fashion cape? You might think this garment is too flashy or formal for everyday use, but times are changing, and capes are quickly becoming a cold-weather must-have. Here are three things you need to know about this versatile piece of apparel:

1. Capes are a classic way to shake up your look

The iconic trench coat is a staple of fall fashion. Women’s versions with flared hips and a belt show off your beautiful curves. Capes don’t have the same form-fitting look, but they’re somehow just as feminine and classic. This makes them a great way to change up your silhouette during the cold months without looking messy. Add variety by trading each piece of outerwear for the other on occasion, or get the best of both worlds by wearing a cape with trench elements included.

2. Capes have a long, fashionable history

It’s difficult to pinpoint when the first cape was created. They’ve appeared in images from numerous cultures across the ages. However, they first became fuel for the runways in 1910, according to Vogue Italia. The fashion magazine credits Paul Poiret, a French designer who rose to prominence at the turn of the 20th century, with bringing capes to the public eye.

According to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Poiret was known as “Le Magnifique” in France and “The King of Fashion” in the U.S. His memoir “My First Fifty Years” – alternately titled “The King of Fashion” – described the outfit that brought him fame: a mantle (which is a cape-like garment) made of black tulle over black taffeta created for the actress Rejane. She wore the mantle in a play named “Zaza,” shaping the way Poiret would market his future creations.

A fashion cape made of black tulle and taffeta is perhaps too theatrical for your closet, but you can evoke the spirit of Poiret with smart detailing or accessories. Pair your outerwear with a patterned scarf or multistrand jewelry to add details perfect for a woman on stage.

3. Capes pull your outfit together

Capes are such large, dramatic fall outerwear that they can’t help but serve as your outfit’s primary focal point. Therefore, you don’t need to add a lot of patterns or accessories – just let the cape speak for itself. If done well, the garment will bring together your clothes, purse, shoes and other items together for a complete look that still embodies your unique style.

So how should you wear a cape?

If it comes with deep pockets, leave your purse at home. Going bagless evokes a sort of freedom, showing you off as a modern woman who paves her own way and is hindered by nothing and no one. If a purse is unavoidable, choose a satchel over a crossbody bag. The latter will be awkward to carry and restrict your arms’ range of motion.

As for the clothes you wear, fashion capes look good with anything, not just formal outfits. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Up to your neck

One of the best aspects to wearing a cape is the opportunity to sport your flashiest and most alluring necklaces. Taking a one-colored sweater cape and proudly displaying your most daring necklace is the best way to get your jewelry the attention it deserves, with the cape serving as the ultimate backdrop to make your accessory stand out. Don’t be afraid to go all out and put on multiple necklaces either!

Show off your sleeves

Typically, the cape look covers your arms, producing a parachuting effect that plays up a more frisky manner. However, a cape that’s cut in a way that reveals your arms will pair well with a long-sleeved top, providing a more daring cape appearance than the traditional look, and a more appropriate style for going out.

Dress up your look

Putting on pants with a cape is the more traditional style, especially if your cape is serving as more of a coat rather than a conventional top. You can wear your cape open over a white T-shirt and jeans to dress up an otherwise casual outfit . Finish with knee-high boots for a fun daytime autumn look that still has a touch of class.

Or go for a classy date night look by pairing your coat with your little black dress. This way, you can show off your gorgeous legs while still keeping warm on a chilly night. Pairing with a skirt below the cape creates a certain balance in terms of showing skin that comes off as both playful and exotic.

Night on the town

If you’re planning on wearing a cape for an evening out and about, try donning a cape with buttons, and leaving it either unbuttoned or fastened at the waist. This way you can have on a gorgeous blouse underneath, giving your top a more balanced appeal with multiple colors. Back to casual looks, this style will go great with some darker jeans, dashing heels and even a hat if you’re truly feeling spunky.

Make it mysterious

For the most part, the cape is still a rarely seen fashion trend that when worn, will produce curious glances from onlookers headed your way. Play up the mystery by rocking a pair of shades and a wide brim hat, that will leave you appearing memorable in the minds of a passerby for all the right reasons.

If you haven’t yet bought yourself a cape, now is the time. This piece of outerwear is classic, eye-catching and a great way to add variety to your closet!

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