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Female-Focused Coworking Spaces: Why Women Thrive in Woman-Only Environments

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2022)

Last Updated on August 10, 2022 by Admin

No one can deny that the stereotypical world of business has been dominated by men for years. When most people think of “business,” a man in a three-piece suit easily comes to mind.

Unfortunately, that’s why we still have some outdated practices when it comes to sharing an office space with men, including cold temperatures! It might not seem like a big deal at first, but many offices are still kept chillier than they should be to account for men wearing heavy business suits.

That’s a small detail, of course, but it’s just one shining example that the gap hasn’t completely closed between men and women in the workforce.

Coworking spaces have seen a major rise in popularity over the last few years. There are currently over 5,000 spaces in the U.S. alone, and thousands more across the globe. One of the ways women have started to combat male-dominated industries is to create female-focused coworking spaces. These spaces are designed to network with other women and provide basic needs that might not be covered in male-dominated offices.

Let’s take a closer look at women-only coworking spaces, why they’re effective, and how women in business are thriving because of them.

A Space That Works for You

It’s hard to be productive or feel inspired when you’re in an office setting that doesn’t motivate you. Many times, people are unhappy at work because of their environment, rather than the work itself.

A female-focused coworking space can combat those issues and boost your productivity. That includes selecting an office that has a functional layout and provides an environment that makes you feel safe and comfortable. Not only can you choose a space that fits your needs functionally and aesthetically, but you can look for coworking spaces that offer the amenities you might need or want. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for coworking spaces to offer spaces like:

  • Childcare services
  • A fitness center
  • Social areas
  • Relaxation rooms

These amenities, combined with an office design that makes you excited to get to work each day, can help to boost your productivity while ensuring you maintain a healthy work-life balance with almost everything you need on-site.

Networking and Growth

If you’re trying to start your own business, a coworking space is ideal. Some of the biggest coworking benefits include:

  • Price efficiency
  • No office space to plan
  • Greater flexibility
  • Ideal working environments

You’ll also have incredible opportunities to network right within your own space. That’s much easier than trying to break into male-dominated networks where you might not be taken seriously.

There are women from a variety of industries in these spaces, with varying levels of experience. You never know who you might be sitting next to or how they could help your business grow and succeed. When a woman joins a female-focused coworking space, they’re likely more than willing to be supportive and encouraging of other women there.

Take advantage of that by networking with the right people, leaning on other women for professional support, and taking advice that can help you and your business grow.

Simply being in a productive space with other women can help you get your business off the ground. While the face of the standard working world is changing, it will still take time for men and women to be seen as equals in many industries. By taking men out of the equation when it comes to your startup, you’re less likely to be held back. Rather, the women working in the space with you can be encouraging and supportive and can serve as knowledgeable resources to help you find success quickly.

The Space to Speak

There has been some controversy surrounding women-only coworking spaces. Some suggest they’re discriminatory, but most women fight back by suggesting these spaces are leveling the playing field.

One of the reasons that defense can be used is because these coworking spaces give women the opportunity to speak freely. If you’re working in an office where it feels like men dominate every conversation, you’re not alone—that’s been proven in several different studies. Unfortunately, that can make you feel like you don’t have a voice at your job. Your ideas might immediately get shut down or not even heard.

That stifles creativity. It can destroy your motivation, and might even damage your self-esteem.

In female-focused coworking spaces, you can speak openly about your ideas with like-minded individuals. The moment you walk into the building, you can take comfort in knowing all of the women there have big goals and are willing to work hard, but they’re also willing to offer their support.

That’s an incredibly empowering feeling. That kind of motivation is exactly what can help you succeed as a woman, especially in typically male-dominated fields.

Whether you’re trying to launch a business, grow a business, or you’re a freelancer looking for the ideal space, consider a women-only coworking space. It could end up being the best work environment you’ve ever experienced.

Noah Rue is a journalist and content writer, fascinated with the intersection between global health, personal wellness, and modern technology. When he isn’t searching out his next great writing opportunity, Noah likes to shut off his devices and head to the mountains to disconnect.

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