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Fundamental style tips for plus-size women

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2022)

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In terms of sizing, there are plenty of plus-size clothing and accessory options for more full-figured women. Now, you have your pick of flattering dresses, skinny jeans and plus-size tops to choose from, as well as jewelry, footwear and other accents to enhance your look. So let’s look at how to find complete outfits that celebrate your beautiful figure.

Fashion tips for plus-size women

Good fashion starts with a few basic rules. Just like grammar, you can break rules on occasion, but if you’re at a loss for what to do, they’re good to have in your back pocket.

Here are some basic plus-sized fashion tips that will always keep you looking great:

  • Show off your best features. What are you most proud of? Your face? Your curves? Don’t be afraid to flaunt these attributes!
  • Know your body type. Certain styles look gorgeous on women with oval-shaped bodies, while others are just perfect for pear-figured ladies. Learn what looks good on your body type and choose outfits to match. If you don’t know that your figure is, our handy guide and infographic can help!
  • Wear fitting undergarments. The best lingerie positions your breasts, hips and backside so that clothes fall on your body more comfortably. Oversize pieces bunch up under your outfits, while ones that are too small pinch into your body. Use our measuring guide to find what size undergarments fit you best.
  • Take it to a tailor. Sometimes you fall in love with an outfit and just can’t find it in your size. That’s OK! Just buy the size that completely fits around your body – even if it’s a bit big in some areas – and head to a tailor. They can adjust the seams so your new clothes fit everywhere.

These plus-size fashion tips will leave you feeling stylish and confident.

Now let’s look at some specific tips for tops, pants and more for plus-size women that will make shopping a breeze.

Fantastic dress options

“Women of any size can pull off an A-line white dress.”

Dresses are a favorite of all ladies, and women of any size can pull them off. When it comes to finding the best dresses for plus-size women, the sky’s the limit! A plus-size white dress with an A-line cut is great for breezy summer, while the LBD is the quintessential slimming dress.

An empire waist top is considered by many to be the most flattering style on any body. This style has a raised waistline that starts right under the bust. This creates shape, it camouflages the tummy, and elongates the legs. You can’t go wrong!

If you’ve got an hourglass shape, you can really rock a retro-style dress with a fit-and-flare shape. It starts with a fitted bodice and then flows gently away from the body when it hits the waistline or slightly above. Look for some princess seaming to help enhance your hourglass shape and add a little va-va-voom. On the other hand, a body-hugging dress shows off your figure the same way celebrities love them.

Apple-shaped women may often struggle with dresses that fit their chest or shoulders but hang shapeless and loose along the rest of their bodies. If this sounds like you, go for one that cinches at the waist or add a wide belt around your midsection. This way, you get the shapely figure without squeezing your upper body.

Learn how to choose the best plus-size dress style for your body type.

plus-size model wearing a t-shirt dress

Finding your favorite top

Peplum shapes make the best tops for plus-size women. It will enhance your bust and emphasize the proportion between your waist and hips without going overboard on either.

If your chest measurement is wider than your hips and waist, try V-neck tops. Depending on the depth of the cut, these shirts can enhance your bust or elongate your neck, making your upper half look slimmer.

That said, a tunic top is always a great choice for women of any shape! This flowing, A-line shirt falls a little looser over the hips,  is always comfortable and won’t squeeze your body in annoying ways.

older model wearing a figure-flattering top

Jeans that are to die for

Full-figured women may think they only have one option when it comes to jeans and bottoms. In reality, they have a number of choices. Of course, the best jeans for plus-size women fit on both the waist and the hips, which can be difficult. So, this may require tailoring from someone who knows what they’re doing.

Developing your own plus-size fashion ideas

What’s most important is buying clothes you feel great in. It’s perfectly OK to break one of these rules if doing so makes you feel fabulous!

When developing your own fashion style, seek inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Look at your favorite plus-size fashionista blogs for inspiration, or keep track of celebrities to see what’s on trend. Often, you’ll notice what other women do to enhance their look with unique accents . . .

Accessories to Enhance Full-figure Body Types

Don’t forget about a wide range of accessories! These quick tips will give you insights into choosing all the extra touches that enhance your balanced look and also help to slim your silhouette. When you select strategic accessories, you further accentuate your beautiful, full-figured shape!

Jewelry: the Subtle Way to Contour Your Curvy Fashion

Select accessories proportionate to your body size, such as an oversized necklace for a large bust or upper body. If you’re worried about too much attention on the upper half of your body, choose subtle jewelry accessories in gold or silver.

Jewelry doesn’t have to simply blend in. The right choices can actually make you look leaner. When selecting earrings, opt for long, dangling pieces. The straight line down your ear will make your neck look longer.

Fashion Help from Handbags

Though handbags should be proportionate with your body, full-figured women needn’t look frumpy with an overly large purse.

Yes, you can choose an oversized bag that fits your style, but stick to fashion purses and hobo bags rather than beach bags. An elegant handbag choice will enhance the sophistication of your chosen look.

Figure-Finessing Shoes

The perfect dress goes perfectly with a striking pair of heels, and height can make you look instantly leaner. Real Simple suggests women with curvier calves or ankles go for open-toe or sling back style footwear. The openness of the shoe will help create a longer visual leg line.

However, heels aren’t always doable for every woman, so pointed-toe flats can work for your style, too. The sharp shape will create a narrow line from your leg to your toes, making you look lean and tall, even without the height.

Rock the Legwear Layer

Black or grey tights are a great option for women with wider hip measurements, or who aren’t ready to bare their legs for summer. Many dresses look great with a slimming pair of legwear, and the extra layer can easily transition you into the cooler seasons.

plus-size model wearing leggings

Full-Figure Shapewear

A flattering fit and a slimming color such as black will make your body look long and lean. You can also look extra slender with the help of shapewear.

Comfortable and undetectable, shapewear will hold you in and can be worn right under a dress. Many options provide a full-body toning appearance without peeking out from under the dress of your choice.

Enjoy exploring these many tips and possibilities to bring out the most radiant, confident you across the seasons!

Share in the comments below which one you’re going to try!

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