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Gigi Hadid Appears ‘Lifeless’ on Vogue Brazil’s Otherwise Vibrant March 2022 Cover

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2022)

Last Updated on March 21, 2022 by Admin

It’s hard to believe that Gigi Hadid’s last cover of Vogue was a year ago. Now Vogue Brazil welcomes back the American beauty for March 2022 three years after her last appearance. Admittedly, the Brazilian fashion bible doesn’t cater to our every desire every month. (The last time the magazine did was back in September 2021.) The title once again has our undivided attention with Gigi back on the cover complete with photography by Zoey Grossman and styling from Pedro Sales. For the bold cover image, the current face of Moschino and Versace dons a glossy red lip and a colorful look from Valentino’s Spring 2022 collection.


Gigi’s latest failed to stimulate the majority of our forum members. “She looks dead and tired and not into it. If that was her intent to look ‘demure’ or fierce or strong, it simply didn’t work. It’s just so sad,” critiqued Bertrando3.

“The lights are on, but nobody’s home,” BlueRuin pointed out.

“Gigi’s work at the start of her career was far better than what we see now. I still have fond memories of her Spanish Vogue cover story from March 2015 when she had a glow to her skin and life in her eyes,” noted tigerrouge.

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“Love the colors and the composition. But it’s ruined by Gigi’s sick look,” proclaimed mikel.

Urban Stylin shared the same sentiment: “The colors are beautiful, but ruined by the expression.”

“I love the colors and I’m gonna leave it at that,” echoed kokobombon.

“A smile or even a hint of expression from Gigi wouldn’t have gone amiss in the cover image. Gigi looks drowsy, lifeless and rather miserable here, but despite the lack of expression, I do love how vibrant and glossy the cover is,” reasoned vogue28.

See more of Vogue Brazil’s March 2022 issue and share your thoughts here.

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