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Hot Couture Katrina Collection on Darkest Fox | The Lingerie Journal

(Last Updated On: July 21, 2022)

Last Updated on July 21, 2022 by Admin

“Silk tulle, soft laces, and seductive silhouettes kissed by satin details.”

This, my fellow lingerie fanatics, is why we’re in love with the Hot Couture Katrina Collection that’s now available on

“A timeless collection pieced with the finest tulle fabrics in black and fashionably delicate light toffee colour embroideries. Inspired by the 1930s couturing style, defined by corsetry-inspired lace-up details, with no padding or underwire, to reveal a natural woman’s body curves.” says Hot Couture founder and designer, Veronica De Luca Gravili, of her Katrina pieces.


This collection, like all Hot Couture styles, is produced in very limited numbers to guarantee exclusivity and extreme care in every single detail, and they are made entirely by hand in Veronica’s boutique according to the refined sartorial techniques of Salentine tradition. The materials used are produced in Italy and are certified by the trademark ‘fiducia nel tessile’ (trust in textile) being free from harmful substances.

Given all the care and expertise that goes Hot Couture’s styles, it’s no wonder Darkest Fox founder, Mabel Liang, decided to carry this collection for her customers. To learn more, we sat down with Mabel to talk to her about Veronica’s brand and the new Katrina Collection.

Hot Couture Katrina Collection on Darkest Fox

Mabel, what first drew you into the Hot Couture collection and how did you learn about this designer?

I loved the very elegant pieces that Veronica (founder and chief designer of Hot Couture) created, which are handmade and custom tailored to size in Italy. There’s a surprising delight and fine touch to each of the pieces, it was like a collection of wearable art – you get a sense that the details were designed and made with care, like a decadent fine dining meal where you take the time to savor every bite. Veronica reached out to us in July 2017, and we’ve been honored to work with Hot Couture ever since!


“There’s a surprising delight and fine touch to each of the pieces, it was like a collection of wearable art” – Mabel Liang, Darkest Fox.

Personally, what is it about Veronica’s designs that speak to your sense of style?

Veronica’s designs tread the perfect balance which I seek in my personal aesthetic – to be edgy and elegant – the edgy might allude to something sleek and unexpected, the elegance would project a sense of grace of harmony. In this (unfortunately oversimplified) dichotomy, the elegance would keep the edginess from being too aggressive, in-your-face, and the edginess would keep the elegance from being too indulgent and ungrounded. It’s easy to tip one way or another, but I’m determined to find those pockets of aesthetic spatial balance and expand it to be my signature look.

So as it pertains to Veronica’s designs – her materials and forms exemplify this balance. Many pieces in Veronica’s collections feature silks which are sheer and delicate, yet strong and durable – one of my favorite materials to wear as it feels so great on the skin, and keeps well over time – I mean, decades. The fact that it’s haute couture, with the craftsmanship of men’s bespoke suits, but the end result is a delicate piece of art lingerie, you wouldn’t have guessed the discipline and structured tailoring required to make something so form-fitted and seemingly effortless. Veronica’s atelier makes hand-sewn silk roses, with a thin metal piece punctured to a bra or panty like in the Malena set – again that dichotomy and juxtaposition. And the clever crotchless designs, using an overlapped and tied criss-cross system – there is a gap in the middle with ties to the opposite leg, so as a wearer the overlap is comfortable, but since then can be untied it is also secretly very naughty!

Hot Couture + Ready-to-Wear

What Hot Couture styles would you suggest pairing with ready-to-wear and how?

You can wear the Ludovica Jumpsuit out with your favorite jacket, and many pieces can be worn like a shirt over your favorite skirt, such as the Claire Camisole Top, the Claire Guepiere, and the Claire Corset.

What three Hot Couture pieces are your customers currently lusting over?

From looking at the number of times these pieces are added to Wishlists, the top three are the Claire Haute Couture Night Dress, the Karin Haute Couture Lingerie Set, and the Garden Haute Couture Lingerie Set.

Hot Couture in Motion

The video on the Hot Couture page features Veronica’s lovely designs and body jewelry from Bijoux Indescreets. What body jewelry styles to you recommend being paired with Hot Couture?

I do think the delicate jewelry styles will go well, especially pieces that drape over the body as if it’s another layer of invisible clothing, such as the Magnifique 8 Body chain and the Magnifique Waist Chain.

This is such an intense time period for all of us. That being said, why do you think it’s important that we take care of ourselves and how does lingerie play into that idea of self-care?

Our wealth is our health – both mental and physical, so this is just as important time as any for self-care, if not more so! The virus attacks the immune system, so I think we should do what we can at home to boost our immune system; habits like eating healthy and directing our attention towards an optimistic mindset should be our goals. Since we all have to stay home anyway, I think lingerie is an easy way to get into that mindset of attention and self care, taking time to treat ourselves kindly, taking care of our bodies, and surrounding ourselves with quality rather than quantity, whether that’s fashion, what media we consume, or our social relationships.

“Our wealth is our health – both mental and physical, so this is just as important time as any for self-care, if not more so!”

Could you tell us a little bit about any projects that you’re doing in support of the Covid-19 fight?

Since the official recommendations now is for everyone to wear a mask when they go outside to mitigate contagion, we are partnering with LA designer Lalita to make masks accessible to more people. For every one mask purchased, one will be donated. I see in the news there is hesitation from people to wear a mask, maybe they don’t like how it looks or cannot order one in time, so I’m hoping that with these masks we can make it look more trendy and fashionable, and encourage everyone who go outside to wear one – it looks cool! And more importantly, to do it for everyone’s safety.

Could you tell us a bit about the masks Hot Couture is putting together?

Yes, the Hot Couture ones are made for Veronica’s customers in Lecce Italy, so it is kind of Veronica to make these available to our customers as well. The masks are made with organic cotton on the inside, and have a pocket so you can insert a filter into it.

If you’re tempted to learn more about Hot Couture on Darkest Fox, please start browsing the collection HERE. There are also pieces from the Balloon, Claire and Porto Selvaggio capsule collections to explore and lust over as well. And don’t forget to sign up for the Darkest Fox Loyalty Program and newsletter for the latest updates on the brand.

Learn more about the Hot Couture Katrina Collection


Hot Couture Katrina Collection Gallery

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