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housewife get importance in her married life
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Let’s come to read the best article/blog which provides information about problems faced by married women, specially housewife and best solutions to increase importance.

Housewife is a word which no girl/women like to call her. Yes this is the reality of our humankind. In this article/blog I will explain why it is and what women will do to retain importance in the family if she is non working women.

Now a days almost all the girls/women’s are working in corporate office or in the different different field in the world. Even now girls are going for higher study to another country and then she will get job there, after that she will be settled there. Yes it is equally important that if she thought to have better opportunity in her choice field is in another country then she should go and brighten her future.

This was the thing of girls/women’s who got opportunity to go out and do the things of her choice. Now some girls are not fortunate enough that she can make her career after marriage of after completion of university degree, because still in our society have mindset that “House caring is the responsibility of Women”. But this is not true. In my other article also I told that it is equal responsibility of man and woman to handle the house.

housewife get importance in her married life
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What are the causes of girls in this 21st century still not able to achieve her dream?

1. In some rural area still girls are not having higher education because of lack of colleges.

2. Due to the fear of bad person’s in some cities parents avoid their girls to go there alone for higher study 

3. In some house due to limited income one or two child have to sacrifice his/her higher study so that work opportunity will be less for her. 

4. In some home parents restrictions are there due to orthodox mindset and thinking like after marriage she has to go to her husband’s house so no need for study.

5. Some girls left their job because of misbehavior / sexual harassment happened with her inside work area by boss or colleagues.

6. After marriage husband restrict her wife to do the work.

And many more reasons. 

housewife get importance in her married life

So now these all girls/women become housewife and most of the girls don’t like to be at home without office work because one important factor is that she doesn’t get enough respect and freedom inside home by her family members.

Now the question is that how these all women’s retain or take back their importance in the house and how she become favorite person of everybody..????!!!

1. It is very important for newly married wife to have patience for understanding everyone’s nature in the house. She doesn’t have to judge particular family member in very short time. Because it may be turn wrong and later she repent for it.

2. She has to respect every family member irrespective of age and gender.

3. She doesn’t have to think about controlling the house by conflicting with mother in law. Because who ever family members are there they spent too much of their time and emotion to build the house. So she have to respect their effort.

4. In some families after marriage girl is going to her husband’s house which is not big as compared to her, but after marriage if she adjust it with happy mind then her husband’s family members will make every effort to give her best possible facility. But it takes some time so she should be ready to have patience. And also if she doesn’t adjust in small house or with less luxury items then before marriage only she can refuse to marry so that after marriage problem will not create.

5. Housewife is the pillar of the house so she first have to understand the family members favorite things, favorite foods, their habits etc. So that she can be helpful for creating happiness of the family members and their family members will also respect her hard work. If you give happiness to the family members then they will return back double happiness.

6. When any new members adding in the family then most of the family members are happy but some times mother in law is not happy because sometimes her son and other members giving more importance to the wife then mother, so she feels bad and she thinks that she gave too much of her time and hard work to build house and of course she sacrifice so many things to fulfill her son’s dream and now newly married girl become more popular then her? So some kind of inferiority comes in her mind which is natural thing of human kind, so what new girl have to do is, she have to say family members that “Yes thank you all of you for loving me but I love my mother in law more because she sacrifice most in house”. By this words mother will feel proud and she also will give respect to you day by day.

7. I have seen that now new generation wife which newly entering the house after marriage have Ego of their education or beauty or language proficiency then other family members, but she has to understand that in their in laws age this kind of technology was not there and they have done too much struggle to live the life. So if family members are not understanding anything or she don’t know how to operate anything like mobile/smart TV/automatic washing machine then if you teach them then they feel your kindness and they will respect you.

8. If you are entering into the new house then yes of course it will take some time to adjust with the family members but she has to have some patience to be a part of family. She has to become mature with old person and child with small childrens. By that way slowly slowly family members start liking you and you will eventually become popular in the house.

9. If you are working professional then you have to work for household things also. I have seen in so many houses that newly married wife same way going to company and after company coming to home by too much tension, so what happened she is not able to concentrate apart from job and can’t able to mix with family members. So it is advice to girl that after office hours forget about work and give full attention to family, because apart from job also world is there which is beautiful so enjoy it with family members.

It is human tendency that any new member or new things then it may have resistance from some of the members because of different human nature, so I can say that if the women can follow my above advice then she can be a important family member. 

My this article is dedicated to those housewife’s who is having conflict with husband or mother in law or family members of the house. I am sure that if she follow my steps then she will definitely become the important family member of the house.

I pray for all the women’s to have happy married life and too much fun in their coming life. God bless all.

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