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How to behave with senior citizens
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Most of the people’s are thinking that Senior Citizens are useless,hopeless,ugly and only doing time pass without any productive work. Now the question is what is productive work? Is it only the work which can earn money? No. Absolutely not. It is the work which can be helpful to other people’s who are needy. Spreading harmony, creating awareness on particular topics,social work without taking money which will leads to enhance life of human being is also can be consider as productive work.

So now the question is how we have to behave with elder people’s who crossed their life’s 60 or 65 years. Here we will not discuss about the age of person but for reference only we consider age of senior citizen.

I have seen so many times in their home only his/her child is misbehaving with their parents who are senior citizen because they are thinking that whole day they are only going out in garden, meeting people, roaming with their friends, taking care of their children so that they are taking them granted and one most important misconception of child is that “Now in this age where he will go and without him/her they are nobody”. But child you remember one thing that “Today in whatever position you are or how ever you are rich is because of your parents only”. When you don’t know how to walk, at that time your parents teach you no one else. So be gentle with parents who are senior Citizens.

How to behave with senior citizens
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Yes in our neighborhood so many senior Citizens are living and also many educated as well as uneducated people’s are behaving very good with senior citizen. Also children’s are helping him/her when they are crossing road or they have heavy luggage or they have difficulty in walking. Children are doing the thing like how they have home environment.

We don’t have to behave rudely with them because they have suffered too much in their life and also struggled too much. Behave gently and sophisticated with them because they are gems of country. They have ample knowledge about various thing which very educated person also don’t have.

Some seniors lost their spouse or their friends so that they feel lonely. But still they need good friend circle, good house environment and respect to be fit. If we not behave properly then it will affect their mind and their body will decline because of sadness and Ultimately health issues arise which is not good for them.

Behave politely with them. Being polite with them shows you respect them and it is showing you grown up nicely. If you have to tell anything to them then don’t tell in rude manner because they may got hurt but you can say same thing in polite manner which is more effective. If they scold you for any matter then also behave politely because they are not only elder but they care for you and don’t want you to go to wrong path.

If you want to feel real sentiment of senior Citizens then visit their community where they are living alone and then you realize that if you are in same situation then how much you got hurt. After that only you will start behaving good with them.

How to behave with senior citizens
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They have too much of experience in their life so ask advice from them and they have treasure of advice which will be beneficial for you to grow in your life and overcome problems.

If you want to call them then you can call by his name supported by respectful suffix For example in India for elder people one can call his name by adding suffix “BHAI”. So this shows your behavior towards them.

If you ever got chance to be a part of senior citizen programe or party then work for them and tell them to rest. Don’t show that you are young and you know much more then them and blah blah blah ….

In your free time when you are seating with group of senior citizen then ask them about their struggles , how they live, how they spent time, etc. And don’t show your attitude that you have every electronics to use which they might see also. If our elder people didn’t struggle then we may not be lucky enough to enjoy what we have now.

How to behave with senior citizens
Image Source : https://pixabay.com

If any angry seniors are there then identify the primary reason of their anger. May be they are getting frequently sick, or ill or Pain of past problems so we can cure it by helping whatever we can do.

If they are not maintaining hygiene then try to speak with them that why they are not cleaning properly. May be they have pain in knees and hands so that we can take help from outside cleaning agency who will supply one person to clean properly.

Take time to visit senior Citizens group communities where they are regularly meeting. If you are young and you are visiting them then they are also feeling happy that yes youth also taking care of them and they are also honouring them. So they can feel proud and they will enjoy with you. If they are playing games then you also join them and be part of their happiness and enjoy the moments which you will never find in your life.

If you have your parents living with you and they are senior citizens then if you have to take critical decisions of your home or for your self or children then go to them and ask advice of them because they have very rich experience of life and so many decisions they made and many lessons they learned from them so they have proper solution of it. The problem for some youngsters are that they are ignoring seniors because from starting they have mindset that these old people’s can not take wise decisions and they don’t know about current scenario, but this is wrong.

Respect others opinions.We don’t have to disagree with others who are not agree with our opinion. It is not that always we are only right. So we have to make some compromise and come to middle of decision.

Some adults have difficulty in hearing so speak loudly with them but don’t shout to them. Remain calm and talk with very gentle manner. Make sure that whatever you speak is clear but not too quickly. Keep your sentences short and simple. If still they are not getting what you tell then please understand them in different language and different phrases.

In short we have to understand that seniors are our Gems and our culture, history, struggle etc. we can learn from them and we can make our nation great with their understanding and new technology

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