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Come to read the best blog/article which describe the problems in everyone’s home and How to make our home environment Happy.

“Worlds last place is home”. It is a place where you have all the memories from childhood to young age and in some case up to retirement age also.

Home is not only a place of memory but it has ability to put smile on face. You can relax, do party, do festival celebration with family members etc. 

People are doing hard work to make their own home for so many years and it is everyone’s dream of having one big own home. 

It is a place where you feel safer and happiest ever. But in some family it is not true especially in small home with too many peoples, because most of them feels that there is no privacy for them. There are certain restrictions where an earning members of home are unable to purchase big home even after doing hard work and struggling for it. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy in small home or home in not developed area. 

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Happiness is an inner thing of person, there are so many reasons and obstacles that person cannot be happy. Now a days I have seen in so many homes peoples are quarreling with each other due to certain reasons. And also depression of teenagers are going high compared to past days.

Reasons :

There are some reasons where home environment is not good.

  • Income of family is low and dreams of family members are too big.

  • People are comparing their self with rich family and when they don’t get what other family get at that time frustration begins and it ends the happiness and spoil the house environment.

  • Teen members of family wants freedom and to enjoy the life but due to pressure of family members they unable to enjoy fully.

  • A boy or girl in their school/college have rich colleagues and their style they want to copy but due to financial condition they can’t do.

  • Parents are very punctual in time and they want their children also be punctual but due to laziness of children they are unable to do the things on time and sometimes they are frustrating by their parents and it will leads to unhappiness inside home.
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How to maintain Happiness..??!!

So now question is how we can maintain happy environment in home?

There are several ways down, from there we can have one or more things do.

  • In most of home housewife is playing vital role to maintain the environment of house because she spend most of her time with family members and she knows every family members very well plus children’s are more attached towards their mother rather than their father, so first thing is make your wife happy.

  • Second thing is the grandparents which are staying in home also make environment very nice because they have rich experience of growing children’s and handling bad situations in their life.

  • Avoid bad people’s including selfish friends also in life because these peoples are jealous by your happiness and they are always wanted to catch bad moments of your life and trying to make quarrel with family members.

  • Give surprise to your parents, children, and wife on their special days and also enjoy yourself by doing celebration on your anniversary, birthday etc.

  • Plan small trip with your family members on hill station/park/restaurant/resort to have some change in routine life.

  • When someone in your family is not in mood or having problem like fever/injury then as soon as possible all family members should help him/her even you have small fight with that person.

  • All have to keep in mind that he/she is my family member and I will do everything for him/her to make happy and create positive vibes in home.

  • Parents should be kind enough for their children and talk with them nicely and ask them time to time that if they have any problem or not.  

  • Encourage your child’s hobby and support them in terms of finance needs and moral also.

  • Play some in house games so to make cheerful environment inside home.

  • Go out in the evening time for walking after dinner and give time to family members. Time is best medicine to make healthy environment in home. If all family members are happy then ultimately house become home.

  • When children are coming from school/college to home then welcome home with big smile in home. That makes your children relax and they will be happy.

  • Similarly when parents are coming from work then welcome them with big smile to home and thank them sometimes of putting so much effort and sacrifice to make your life happy.

These are some advice to make home environment happy, there are so many other ways also but final try is to be happy.

Have a wonderful life to everyone.

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