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Overcome your Fear
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Fear is a reaction of body that gives signal to be careful.

We all know that how much it’s painful when we have fear of something like going to hill station, fear of failure in exam, fear of speaking on stage in front of so many peoples, fear of losing your relatives or loved ones,fear of swimming in river/sea, etc. etc.

If fear becomes your day to day routine partner then it will create problems in your life and you will not be able to enjoy the life fully.

So now the question is how we can overcome the fear and how we become free of fear? There are several ways listed below from where you can apply in your day to day life for better result.

There are 10 Ways to overcome your fear.

1. Beat the fear

Overcome your Fear
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If you try to avoid your fear, then your problems will grow more. So whatever you fear just you face it so slowly slowly it will fade up.

For ex. If you have fear of height then start going to high places in perticular days and after some days you will enjoy going to heights because you face your problem.

Another example is there if you fear speaking in public place or in front of audience then first start speaking in front of mirror at your home, then speak in front of family members, then try to speak with your friends and then try to speak in front of audience.

In starting you will see that it is difficult to face the fear and may be after one or two try you think in mind to give up but don’t give up and just face your fear.

2. Don't think of extraordinary result in first try.

Overcome your Fear
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Some person have fear of failure or fear of not do perfect things.

So what to do to overcome this fear? For that everyone has to know that “No one is perfect” and different person’s have different ability to do the things. So forget about the result for first time, give your best for work and if not in first try result achieve then second time you will see the result.

Before doing work if you only think on result then you can not perform well. So do hard work and result will automatically comes.

3. Think positive

Overcome your Fear
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Thinking is the most prefer way to overcome the fear. Fear starts from thinking and ends in failure.

So what positive thinking in terms of fear ? Is it only thinking good and good result will achieve? No. Positive thinking means you before new work you think about any best achievement you have done in your past and do as much as hard work to make this new work also successful.

Before starting of work pray to god for success of your work because this divine energy makes you calm and focus towards your work and eleminates negative thoughts from your mind.

4. Talk about Fear

Overcome your Fear
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Sharing of your fear takes away most of your scariness. If you feel any problem and if you can’t talk to your family members or even to your best friend then there are so many helplines available as per country and region for honest solution.

There are councillor which have experience in particular field and they can guide you very well to come out from the situation.

5. Give Enough time in preparation.

Overcome your Fear
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Preparation is very important factor of doing work. Now everyone wants good result but in shortcut or short period of time. So without any enough preparation some important parts may be missed and it will be seen during actual time but at that time it will be too much late and ultimately you will be in fear to fail and also you may fail.

So give 99% your time for preparation and time management of your work so rest 1% work will give you 100% result and if your preparation is very good then you are confident enough to get your work on time.

6. Accept Challenges.

Overcome your Fear
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Challenges are part of everybody’s life. If you have to get rid from the fear then you must have to accept the challenge and have to do something extraordinary which will boost your confidence.

When you accept Challenge at that time in the beginning you may fail, people around you may laugh on you. Initially may be they ignore you. You also can find your self useless but you have to have patience and step by step you have to complete the challenges to eleminates your fear.

 If you have fear of going in dark and your friend give you challenge to stay in dark for some particular time then accept the challenge and go in dark. What happens to you if you go there? First you hesitate to go, then if you have strong mind then you go in dark, then your heartbeat will increase but keep stay there and be bold. If 4-5 times you finish this challenge then I am sure that your fear will go far away from you.

7. Make Positive Thinker friends.

positive thinking friends
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Don’t make selfish friends. Now a days people are becoming more and more selfish and even they are maintaining relations with rich and wealthy people’s to satisfy their needs only. When their goal over they will also make distance from you. Beware of this kind of people’s.

These selfish people’s only interested in making favor for them self, they will misguide you during your weak time and never want you to be strong. So when you are making new friend then please first judge them and then only trust them, because they put negative thoughts in your mind which makes you more fearful.

In contrast positive thinker friend will guide you in right direction and he/she will be with you when you are in fear and they will make you strong. Because some things are there in everyone’s life which only best friends are knowing, not even family members.

8. Give yourself Party.

give yourself party
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Yes you have heard right words. When you beat one of your fear then give treat to your self by going dinner or going to your favorite place, with friends or with your self. You can go with your girlfriend also (if you are not married… :))

It is not like you have to spend lots of money and showoff to others that you beat your fear but it is only to boost your inner confidence and make the party as simple as possible but fully satisfy your self.

9. Increase Knowledge.

increase knowledege
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Sometimes people are fearing for nothing and just thinking of failure without doing anything. You may have fear because you don’t have knowledge how to do the work or how to deal with situation.

So before doing any work gather information as much as possible and then act on perticular work.

For example. : You have to give speech on particular topic and you don’t know about it, so it is obvious that you will fear if you just keep on thinking of lack of information you have for that topic but if you gather information for topic then it makes you confident and your fear will eliminate.

10. Visualize you succeed.

Overcome your Fear
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Imagination of success is helpful for person to get rid of fear. If you are doing business then you may visualize that you get very big order and your financial condition is improved very much so that your fear of loss in business will be out from your mind and you will do your work in more enthusiastic way which will ultimately boost your business.

This practice of visualization is helpful for other people also in their perticular field.


At the end I have to say to all individual who is facing fear is that if you practice one of more above mentioned my solution then you will surely out from fear.


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