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prevent married life from Divorce
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Come to read the best blog/article which focus How to prevent married life from Divorce?, by providing best and top solutions for it.

Married to dream girl or dream boy is everyone’s wish. Marriage is the divine thing that everyone is binding with very tiny thread of trust. Every married couples wish to have their partner of their desire.

Unfortunately all the couples will not be succeed for their successful marriage life long with one partner, and the journey starts with love but end with hate and eventually leads to divorce.

Today there are so many countries where divorce rate is increasing as partners are becoming more and more generous by religion and culture.

prevent married life from Divorce
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Now world is very short and inter country marriages are also happened. we have so many success stories of couples having different country, different languages and different culture then also couples are living very healthy and enjoyable life after marriage.

Married life will only be happy if both partner understand the situation and they adjust with each other because both are coming from the different family background and before marriage so many years they have lived different lifestyle without pressure, but marriage comes with certain responsibilities also and person have to adjust with their capacity time to time. If person fails to handle work and life balance then happy married life will never have.

Now work pressure in private as well as government companies are increasing day by day and as worldwide population is increasing the scope of getting job easily is not there and so many peoples are not getting job so that some dreams of boy or girl after marriage not fulfill and it leads to quarrel and non satisfaction in life and finally leads to divorce in some cases.

prevent married life from Divorce
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We are surprising by seeing wealthy billionaires divorce that they have everything but then also why they decide to stay apart? One of the reason for that is they have enough money but in some couples extramarital affairs are reason behind divorce and no emotional attachment is also one of the reason in very rich family.

Emotional support from partner is very important in marriage life. When one partner is feeling sad or he/she wants something then other mist have to try to fulfill that reasonably acceptable choice of partner especially for women.

Now peoples are getting bored for everything including their life partner and some boys/girls are finding different partner every some particular interval time even after marriage and hiding their relation from their spouse so when he/she knows that they are cheating then it will leads to chaos in home and routine disturbance also. So be honest with your partner and don’t cheat them.

The key of successful marriage is trust, honesty, calmness and ability to let go small things which causes problems in happy life. 


prevent married life from Divorce
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Give space and freedom to your partner because ultimately he/she is your life partner so you should be confident enough that he/she will do the right thing even after you are giving freedom to him/her.

I have seen some divorces are because of ego problems of one person and he/she not even try to understand the situation of another person and Every time in position to stand their ego first before listening to his/her partner.

Listening is a art and who can listen more right things from his/her partner can be succeed in their life.

If you are rich, educated, famous and celebrity of the country then also if you don’t know how to behave in home then you are not successful husband/wife.

In some homes big joint family is living together and in newly married couples specially for wife it is difficult to adjust with all the family members in starting of their married life and it is duty of the husband and family members to help wife to feel comfortable in their home because she will be family member and it is everyone’s duty to make her happy and she will also have to make other family members happy by living cheerfully.

If we see the highest divorce ratio in the world then according to 2016 Luxembourg has highest 66%  and Belgium, Spain, France, Russia, united States, Maldives are few names listing here which are coming in highest rated divorce in the world. (Url : https://www.google.com/amp/s/in.news.yahoo.com/amphtml/countries-highest-lowest-divorce-rates-slideshow-wp-092725566.html) 

There is also one solution to prevent divorce is that in every society there are one or more wise men which are genuinely happy by seeing others happy. So if in any family of conflict happen and if the situation will be out of control then it is advisable to reach to that person and try to listen his/her advice which prevent you to end up with divorce.

Couple also have to understand that for marriage parents are doing their best and in some situations when it comes for divorce then parents feel very bad and they have done too much expense in the marriage (some have taken loan also), also I have seen in so many families still in 21st century dowry system is there and when marriage ends up then all will be finished including their reputation in the society, so couples have to understand that their parents have struggled too much in their life to raise you and make you happy even though you are not perfect so you both have to adjust initially to make your life happy.

Now person is being more and more selfish day by day so in some cases choosing partner is also not by love or having similarity in lifestyle but also by looking at his/her family wealthy ness/look/social status etc. and so after some time of marriage their hobbies and mentality doesn’t match. So it is advisable not to do marriage only for money or because person can earn money with hard work but person’s mentality is very hard to change. “You can marry person with less money but not with less heart”.


In concluding this article I want to say that the partner which you choose for marriage may be not perfect in everything because nobody is perfect, but try to make the things perfect as possible as you can. Enjoy the life and let’s try to make world happy.



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