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21st century is fast changing generation. This is the era of 4G/5G speed internet. People don’t have enough time to spend with children, parents, friends and relatives etc. Because of job pressure or business work. If you stay on road for 5 minutes and look around you then you really find that all the peoples are running to fulfill their dreams. People are working like robots.

Many of us come across the situation that if we talk to anybody on phone then the person on other side of phone will tell you that “Hi man/sweetie any work is there for me? If you don’t have urgent work of me then I will call you later on”. This embarrassing situation everyone can go through so many times in his/her life.

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People are facing problems like anxiety, sleeplessness, mental stress because they don’t have time to relax and they have to achieve everything within short time and always wants to be ahead of their colleagues/relatives.

God has given all of us 24Hrs a day and 365 days/year. Sometimes we are thinking that all peoples are really too much busy?? We really don’t have time for our self also? If we question our self then we may got the answer that “Yes you have time to do the work but don’t have time to relax”.

If I say that we have to relax and have to take short break to have mental peace then many people can question that “If they relax then who will earn for their family?, How we achieve our goal without hard work” etc. Etc. Yes I am totally agree with hard work and I know the importance of hard work because I am already doing it, but what my mean to relax is that please give some time to your family, relatives and friends because ultimately you find peace from these people. They are as important as your job.

how to relax
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Some people are not taking break in their job for long time, they are not giving time to their family members so ultimately what happened your family members will have some distance from you because they will not get enough love, care and attention from you, especially small children who needs more attention and care of parents will not learn any good thing from you because from morning to night you are doing hard work so when you go to work at that time your child is sleeping and when you come back late at that time also your child is sleeping so he/she will feel that his/her mother/father don’t care for it.

People are doing job/business for earning money and give luxury lifestyle to their family. Some are struggling to feed their family 2 times in a day. Ultimately all want batter future and for that they are doing too much work until they retire but many of them are failed to time to time relax. Because many people are thinking that after making this much of amount I will relax, after achievement of that money his dreams will be change to higher level and then again think that “Okay now after making these many properties I will relax”. But he/she will never be relax.

how to relax
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“Human nature is Greedy” and one will never satisfy what they have.

So many people are failing to find time to enjoy with their self or their loved once because every time they are running behind achievement of target and dreams only. It is good to achieve your dreams but also find some time to relax because I have seen many people are complaining after retirement that “I have so much money but my health is not good so I am now not able to go out for vacation to relax”

So what I mean for relax is the balance between your work and life enjoyment. Why I am writing this article because I have already taken short vacation to enjoy and at that time I realize that what the importance of it is.

How we can relax?

  • Take a break from work and go to short vacation with your family/friends to natural place which are full of waterfall, greenery, mountains, snow, river, sea and relax in the lap of nature.

  • During this short vacation no business or work calls have to attend, if any urgent then only speak for it.

  • Do some adventure like scuba diving, paragliding, boat riding, horse riding, ice skating, rock climbing, swimming etc. whatever you want to do from your heart but with safety.
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  • Read the book in the garden/balcony like novels, short stories, entertainment magazines whatever you like.

  • If you are art lover then make paintings, sketches and hang on your room walls.

  • Listen soft music or watch funny movies.

  • If you are bike lover then go with friends or family members to ride the bikes on hill. In so many areas of world at particular time this bike riding events are they are organizing so take part in that.

  • Go out for dinner with your loved once in your dream hotel.
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  • If you didn’t go with your child at his/her favorite place then take them to zoo, playing game zone, ice cream parlor, chocolate shops anywhere and spend as much as possible time with them during this short vacation because smile on their face and their happiness will definitely relax you. This can be your best time of your life.

  • Give surprise to your elder parents by organizing get together of their friends at some garden or hotel or farm house with dinner so that you realize that, “Smile and happiness of your parents will fill your heart with joy and you will find yourself so relax and you realize that this you can’t buy with money”.

  • Go out alone with your wife without family members because sometimes she feel to be alone with you only and have to spend quality time.

  • Sit on the shore of river/sea by putting your feet in water and close your eyes without thinking anything will relax you very much.

  • Go to spa and relax by having good full body massage.

  • God has created amazing nature so time to time go in the lap of nature and enjoy the incredible world.

These are some ways to relax and yes there are also other ways to relax depending upon the nature of the person and hobbies of them.

So at the end just I want to say that “time to time take short break from your work and spend quality time of your life in short vacation”.

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