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Come to read the best blog/article which focus on the ways of how to stop gender based inequalities in women’s/girls life.

Now this is 21st century and it is the time where everyone can raise their voice whenever they find that injustice is happening to him or her.

First thought coming in our mind before discussing about stopping inequality that why this is happening? Some reasons are poor mindset, fear of girls become powerful, showing authority by so called “Man dominated world” and many more…

This blog/article is I am writing because I have seen so many times especially for girls who become victims of gender bias. Now this time is of technology, new development, more literacy etc. But still in some areas like work, social services, home itself gender bias is there everyday. 

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Still in this era there is belief that girls can’t work in company because they first have to looking after house person’s then children and if time remains then she can think for herself. But I am not agree with this. 

God has created everyone with unique capabilities and unique power so one should not blame or force anyone to do the work which they don’t like or he/she are strong in one field which he/she wants to make career in it.

My simple question is “Who will decide what type of work girls have to do and what not?”. Is it decide by “Men???!!!!” No strictly not. It is the right of girl what type of work she wants to do and what not. Now in every single field girls/women’s are working in equal capacity of men whether it is private, government company, Information Technology sector, Medical, Defense, Teaching, Space, Nuclear energy and many more places where girls are doing very good work and some places even more then men.

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So now our question is how we can stop Inequalities.? To do this we have to start it from ourself. Following things we can do in so called “Man dominated world”

First thing is that we have to start change from home, if we as a parents are bias between son and daughter then we must have to stop first because “If you can’t change yourself then you can’t change the world”.

It should be everyone’s responsibility that more and more girls have to educate even in rural areas because now in cities girls are having higher education but in village and some outskirts where less facilities of Schools are there at that places government or government and public partnership program have to held for more facilities of girls education. Because of more girls are having literacy then only they will be capable of doing good work in company or any field.

We have to keep thought out from our mind that “Girls are born for doing household work only”. No it is totally wrong because they have equal right of choosing their work and lifestyle. Give girls chance they will give you best result.

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We have to come out from our orthodox mindset where men are restricting for women to do the work outside. Why ??? Who gives right to men that restrict the freedom of girls?? Girls only will decide what kind of work she wants to do and what not.

Yes it will takes some time to change the mindset of male dominating world and in some areas they fear of girls beat them in work but we must have to give chance to work to everyone irrespective of their gender.

So many girls are shy in nature and yes they want to work but their parents are restricting her to work then one thing we can do is we can make one trust or company who is leading with open minded successful people and open care center to solve this kind of problems where company person will contact their parents and understand them importance of the talk of their daughter. It seems difficult in first instance because one can argue that now in the world so many peoples have problem so how many of them are benefited from this but slowly slowly this company branches we can open on every city and lot and lots of people’s will be beneficial.

In company top management can create the committee for girls which leads by girls for solving problems of girls. If she feels uncomfortable in work environment then they suggest to make some changes in work culture and ultimately it will ends gender bias.

Some men’s manager are young girls which have less experience then him so he might be jealous of her success so there may be chances of sexual harassment during work happen because of mindset of person but he must have to understand that she is sitting in that position because she is capable of handling that work and if you want to achieve that position then you must have to work hard in right way not you have to harass girls or spread wrong information about her to damage her reputation.

We have to give respect to the girls/women’s in every routine work. Household work is not responsibility or accountability of girls, just from past women’s are doing that kind of work doesn’t mean that girls/women’s are born for that only. House is made with husband and wife, so man (Husband) is equally responsible for everything from house work to outside work.

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We have to make culture of welcoming the new comers in workplace regardless of gender because they may be young but they have more education and yes they also work hard for getting his/her degree so we have to respect their knowledge and they don’t have practical knowledge during initial joining new organization but they can contribute to the company with their knowledge and similarly he/she is getting knowledge of how to do the things practically.

I have seen in many homes parents are preferred to give best toys or expensive things to son rather then daughter because of old typical mindset, but one should understand that boy and girls is equal and you must have to grow up them equally because if from childhood you are biased with them then they feel unsatisfaction from beginning and it hurdle their growth and some child feel mentally depressed which is not good.

In big cities girls are wearing western clothes which are comfortable and stylish but some narrow minded people’s are commenting on that and spreading wrong information about them, but what girls have to wear who decide? Men???? No absolutely not. Girls only will decide what they want to wear and what not because everyday have freedom to choose what they like. So we have to stop telling short cloths girls cheap 

Now more and more peoples are educating and also their minds are getting broad and thinking positively compared to illiterate person so this bias should diminishing day by day but also we have to take care that gender based Inequalities should not happen from our side.

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