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Matching Sets Are Out, Tonal Dressing Is In

(Last Updated On: May 10, 2022)

Last Updated on May 10, 2022 by Admin

Matching sets have been in for some time. The trend transcends seasons proving just as popular in fall and winter as spring and summer. Hell, some shopping sites even have dedicated sections containing every twosome imaginable. But times are (slowly) changing. There’s now a real shift from going matchy-matchy to embracing tonal dressing.

So what exactly is tonal dressing? Well, simply put, it’s wearing at least two shades of any color in one outfit. Think pairing bubble-gum pink with hot pink. Or blood orange with safety orange. Grass green with neon green. You get the idea. Zara is a major champion of the complementary/seemingly contradictory movement. Just a quick scan through its latest offerings highlights the sartorial impact of marrying a set of hues originating from one color.

There is a method to the madness. Not every shade goes together. Even if they’re derived from the same source. Your best bet is to style darker hues with lighter variations. That way your effort can be appreciated without looking haphazard.

It’s also key to buy pieces you’ll wear with other seasonal staples. Because you can’t, or rather shouldn’t, rock two or more tones all the time. After all, variety is the spice of any wardrobe.

Keep reading for some easy outfit ideas that tap into the trend.

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