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Nautical Fashion to Wear Everywhere, Including Dry Land

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2022)

Last Updated on July 7, 2022 by Admin

Not all of us will be spending summer on a yacht or sailboat. Most of us are lucky to get to the beach a couple of weekends. But there’s nothing stopping us from dreaming about cruising around on a luxury liner or embracing the nautical fashion trend on dry land.

Like florals and pastels, nautical fashion is a common theme with designers more than willing to take on the sailor look. From classic stripes to maritime symbols, like ropes and anchors, there are many ways to interpret and wear the trend. Feel free to broaden your horizon by favoring more ocean-minded motifs.

Fashion editors and bloggers are out to prove you can rock the nautical trend anywhere. Follow their lead by experimenting with the trend, but steer clear of anything that looks too costumey. In other words, skip the sailor hat. Breton stripes, sailor button details and a red, white and blue color palette make the vibe clear and work for land and sea. Concerned about staying on the right course? Try unexpected colors and unique takes on classic patterns, then temper the nautical vibes with other pieces in your closet.

Here are the top nautical fashion pieces that can be worn around town, down at the beach or even on a superyacht.

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