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Not Even Naomi Campbell Can Save Vogue Germany’s ‘Dull’ July/August 2022 Cover

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2022)

Last Updated on July 28, 2022 by Admin

It’s unfortunate that Vogue Germany is a shadow of its former self. Within the space of several months, only one cover with Grace Elizabeth has managed to command our attention. Given the fact there is nothing like a supermodel to propel a magazine back into the spotlight, the German fashion bible selects Naomi Campbell for its double July/August 2022 offering. The living legend fronts the publication four years after her last appearance this time captured by photographer Dan Martensen. In the cover portrait, the fashion icon showcases a look from Christian Dior’s Fall 2022 haute couture collection courtesy of Kate Phelan.


Members of our forums aren’t sold, however. “A holographic shower curtain with a badly Photoshopped Naomi Campbell in front of it warrants a collector’s item these days?” asked Melancholybaby.

“What a dull cover and the holographic effect just makes it less collectible. Naomi seems to be in the phase of her career where she’s willing to be photographed by anyone as long as she’s guaranteed a cover,” said mepps.

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“Unfortunately, this doesn’t really work,” expressed a disapproving Urban Stylin.

“Dull styling, dull photography. I don’t like the pose or the hair or the dress. A complete miss, sadly!” proclaimed aracic.

“Naomi is an icon, but her work lately doesn’t live up to that moniker. There is none of the energy and vibrancy here as in any of her work during her heyday. That is one seriously dull cover,” dfl-001 pointed out.

“The cover is far from Naomi Campbell’s finest moment and I find everything from the styling to the photography bland,” echoed vogue28.

Vogue Germany July/August 2022 : Naomi Campbell by Dan Martensen


Take a look at more from the issue here.

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