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Paloma Elsesser’s Vogue Spain April 2022 Cover Receives Mixed Reviews

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2022)

Last Updated on April 20, 2022 by Admin

The portfolio of Paloma Elsesser continues to impress. Magazines across the globe continue to drop covers featuring the American beauty and muse, from i-D to the Arabian, Italian, American, British and Polish editions of Vogue. Now the in-demand model appears on Vogue Spain for April 2022 not even a year after her last appearance. Kate Phelan dresses Paloma in a look from Chanel’s Spring 2022 collection for the colorful cover shot captured by Nadine Ijewere.


The cover divided our forum members, however. “Beautiful!” described mikel the second the cover dropped.

“It’s quite lovely and colorful, nothing too memorable in my opinion, but it’s better than I would anticipate at this state,” confessed aracic.

“The cover is flawless…” added VogueGirl8910.

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But not everyone is feeling it. “So lazy, her modeling skills are limited and I’m sorry for telling this, but sadly it’s a reality. Her expression is not strong. I hope Paloma becomes a better model with time. I still don’t find the X factor with her,” noted ivano.

Ken Doll Jenner shared the same sentiment: “Her expression looks flat to me. Maybe a smile would have been more fitting for the vibrant styling.”

“Does nothing for me… This cover, despite the nice coloring and movement of the dress, just feels…flat and a nonevent. At this rate, I can either take or leave Paloma Elsesser,” vogue28 chimed in.

“Another girl with a pretty face but one-dimensional. You’ve seen one Paloma pose, you’ve seen them all,” critiqued justaguy.

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