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Prepare to Become a Culotte Convert

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2022)

Last Updated on March 30, 2022 by Admin

There’s no shortage of divisive fashion trends. Just look at Miu Miu’s micro skirts. Before that, bike shorts were sent down every runway and us commoners eventually had to give into the cycling-inspired madness. Albeit begrudgingly. Now we’re throwing our full support behind culottes. Why? Because the best culottes make transitioning to spring (and then summer) much more stylish.

Culottes are defined as knee-length or calf-length pants designed to almost be mistaken for skirts. It’s that variety that we find so appealing. You can sport the longer versions now. And even revisit them come fall. Then switch to the Bermuda shorts-esque takes as we get closer to summer.

A word of warning: material matters. Skip the wool offerings in favor of more breathable fabrics. Think cotton, linen and silk. But don’t sleep on denim interpretations. They range from noticeably cropped bottoms to almost shorts. Again, it’s all about versatility.

When it comes to styling, you can pair them with cropped cardigans, tees or vests. The latter teaming makes for a great warm-weather suit. Culottes also lend themselves to a wide array of shoes. We like capping off calf-length culottes with chic flats. Knee-length creations are perfect for strappy sandals, whether they boast stiletto or kitten heels.

Scroll down to discover the best culottes to wear now through summer.

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