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Sweaty Fashion: Athleisure To Motivate Your Winter Workouts – theFashionSpot

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2022)

Last Updated on November 28, 2022 by Admin

When it’s dark when you get up in the morning and dark when you wrap up work, the last thing trekking to a workout is, is easy. Factor in cold, snow and rain… ooff! Home workouts are a wonderful alternative, but they’re not for everyone. While I personally do them every so often I find it very difficult to motivate without the power of a group, not to mention there are a million and one distractions in my small apartment and a 45 minute workout can easily stretch hours.

Wearing Bala Bangles throughout the day on my wrists and/or ankles has been helpful for toning on days I know I won’t be able to squeeze in a workout (I wear them during most workouts as well), but the most effective thing I’ve found to help me stick with a workout routine is investing in clothing that I’m excited to wear – and feel comfortable sweating in.

Keep reading for a look at athleisure picks to motivate workouts on days you feel like doing anything but.

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