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The Perfect Anklets to Polish Off Any Warm Weather Look

(Last Updated On: March 24, 2022)

Last Updated on March 24, 2022 by Admin

It’s almost sandal season. Which means we’ll once again be flaunting our feet. Along with a good pedicure, anklets are prerequisites. This season’s best anklets have one thing in common. They’re guaranteed to elevate any ensemble.

While we have nothing against silver, we’re currently crushing on gold. (With pearlcore still making waves, we had to include one precious option.) Looking for something to complement all of those chunky chain necklaces and bracelets in your jewelry box? No worries. There are plenty of interlocking anklet options.

Just like with bracelets, charms are mainstays. Versace’s Medusa charm anklet puts a fresh spin on the logo jewelry obsession. Serving early 2000s vibes, The M Jewelers’ butterfly-accented pick ties right into the decade’s recent revival.

You can certainly rock all of them solo. Much like necklaces, however, they also lend themselves to layering. Especially given their different thicknesses. Ideally, you should top off a wider anklet with a skinny version. If you just pile them on, it can really weigh down your look. If you’re doubling up on charms, just make sure they don’t overlap. Because what’s the point of having those delightful danglers if you can’t properly show them off?

Keep reading to see the best anklets for spring and summer.

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