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These Bold Hoop Earrings Boast Main Character Energy

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2022)

Last Updated on August 4, 2022 by Admin

Hoop earrings are mainstays in everyone’s wardrobe. They transcend seasons and trends. But, frankly, they can be boring. You know, an accessory that blends into the background of an outfit by playing a more supporting role. So we decided to shake things up by focusing on bold hoop earrings. The bolder, the better.

First, we need to define what constitutes hoops. Nowadays, those familiar circles have morphed into a variety of shapes. You have square versions, which we realize kind of defy logic. Plus, abstract silhouettes falling somewhere between circles and ovals. Texture, waves and scrunched types are also popular.

If you dig that layered look when it comes to necklaces, you’ll love the fact that many pairs double or even triple up. This is one of these cases, however, where size doesn’t matter. As long as they make a statement, even tiny takes can have a huge impact. That also holds true when you’re rocking a solitary earring. Heck, you can balance things out by sporting your go-to hoops in your other ear.

Big names like Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta have already jumped on the bandwagon. Although you don’t have to spend beaucoup bucks. We found plenty of cool options for under $100.

Scroll down to start building your collection of bold hoop earrings.

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