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These Candles Will Fill Your Home With the Smells of Spring and Summer

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2022)

Last Updated on April 18, 2022 by Admin

We have a confession. There aren’t many things about spring and summer we don’t absolutely love. Sure, 100-degree temperatures can be unpleasant. As can three straight days of rain no matter how many May flowers it produces. And perhaps we could do without those pesky mosquito bites. But overall, the next several months are full of happiness. Full of memories, adventures and soaking up the sun (with proper sunscreen, of course). One of the easiest ways to enjoy the seasons is via scented candles.

When we think about all the good times in store, what’s better than filling your home with a scent that transports you to your favorite memory? Especially if you’re planning on staying put. Because who needs to travel to some far-off destination when your abode can smell like anywhere you want to be?

We have a suggestion. Buy these babies in bulk. That way when you’re in the midst of the winter doldrums you can relive all the spring and summer scents. It’ll be like a permanent vacation even when you’re snowed in.

From tropical fruits to unconventional floral bouquets, here are the best scented candles to fill your favorite spaces with the smells of the seasons.

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