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Let’s come to read the best article/blog which provides information about the facts why father is struggling hard for appreciation from their child in his family. 

We will discuss and analyse the points in this best blog/article that what are the reason’s and factors behind the less appreciation of father from their children.

There is proverb that “Your child learn from your behaviour”, if you behave good then your child learn good otherwise he/she will have bad impression in their mind.

Let’s talk about the caring nature of mother and father, is any one of them care less for their child?. The answer is 100% no. Both of them love their child beyond their capacity. They provide them best toys, best cloths, best home, best food and many more things. They think and work hard so much that their child get the best from the world.

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Now we come to our blogs question. Why children not appropriate their father same as her mother in most of the family?

Why does he not receive recognition after working hard to satisfy every family member's wish?

If we talked about 15-20 years back living style, from every home father is always an earning member irrespective of mother is housewife or working women. So let’s we now talk about the home where wife is homemaker and taking care of her children’s at home full day. And father of course as we said before, he is working hard from morning to night at office but outside of the home. So child from beginning of birth more close towards it’s mother because she is taking care everything from whole day.

So what happen by this everyday routine? When child is very small at that time when he came back from the home late evening at that time child is sleeping and when he went early morning at thag time also child is sleeping. So many times it happens that 2-3 days child can’t see his/her father.

Another thing is that weekly one or two day holiday is there for father so one day he rest most of the time at home to overcome full week tiredness, and can’t give enough attention for child’s play. On the counterpart mother is also getting tired too much by taking care of her child, but when she smile on her child’s face then most of the tiredness vanished. So the next day family go outside for some dinner or went to park for enjoyment and the day got finished.

So by this routine we can understand that father can give full day time to his child for weekly one or maximum two days while mother is giving 24/7 all days attention to her child so that he/she getting more attached towards their mother from beginning of his/her life. When child is getting older at that time he/she is looking to his/her mother that she is doing full day duty and father is always in office. So some partiality is growing up day by day in their mind that mother is doing too much work and taking care of home also but father only doing office work.

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This type of situation should be in everyone’s house I hope so. So though father is loving his child same as mother there is no doubt in that but somewhere child’s heart is more inclined towards his/her mother. If we think about both mother and father are working professional then most of the parents can’t give enough time to their child and child feel loneliness and finding another way from where he or she get love and comfortness, which sometime become dangerous and things will become worse when child grow younger. So it is duty of both parents to give enough time to their child irrespective of their busy work schedule.

Another thing is that father is somewhat strict in the nature and if the child is girl then he is taking extra precautions to protect his child from the bad societies bad peoples, but this care sometimes become rude so that she finds that her father always saying no to everything. Mothers by nature kind and soft hearted we all are knowing , so she is not that much of strict on child. Because of this strictness there will be some relationship distance between child and father grows up and she will not share everything with his father.

Here we knows that father or mother’s intension towards his children’s parenting is not bad but due to some unavoidable circumstances this type of differentiation is arising.

Strictness and kindness both are necessary for child’s growth. Father also have to be somewhat soft for sometime and to be their friend so that they will feel the comfortness. But yes if child is doing something wrong then it is duty of not only father but mother also have to take strict side and understand the child for not repeating the mistake in the future.

I just want to say to every child that please understand that father’s strictness is not against you but it is for your betterment only and one advice is for parents also that though children are less in age but they need your love and support, so everytime please don’t ignore their feelings and pressurized your thoughts on them. Try to understand them also and try to look from their eyes.


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