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Welcome to read the best blog/article which describes top reasons Why so many Couples don’t like their parents after marriage?

World is keep on changing from years and now people are moving fast as technology advancement is keep on increasing.

In today’s world most of the people’s are being selfish and they want more and more freedom. One of the reason of hating parents is that they are advicing to their children which now a days they don’t like, because they are thinking that he or she is now become teen or adult and now they will make decision for everything including marriage irrespective of their parents choice of girl/boy.

What happen if girl/boy choose their partner for marriage?

In some home parents are happy but in so many homes because of difference in the caste or family money, parents are not happy, so that some couples are doing court marriage or some are being apart forcefully.

I am not against the freedom of the teenagers or people who are choosing their life partner and it is logical thing that if a girl/boy know each other from long time and then they are decide to marriage then it will be nice to live with each other life long.

Changing World

Change is the rule of world. We all must have to accept the positive change around us. Now it is 21st century and we all have to move with the good flow. We have to understand that this time is not same as old days where our parents marriage are decided by their parents only and some of couple only knows each other during the time of marriage (Some of them seen each other’s face first time on marriage day only).

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1. The boy/girl is forced to do the marriage which they don’t like, so in their mind somewhere guilt is there which he/she don’t get.

2. Parents are not educated and children’s are highly educated and settled abroad with wife and children and now they think that their parents are not capable to stay with them.

3. Some highly selfish girls after marriage don’t like husband’s parents and she wants to be alone with his husband and children to satisfy her freedom.

4. Frequent conflicts between wife and mother in law which terns atmosphere of house every time tense so to save the marriage husband live apart from their parents.

5. Some parents are too much strict so that boy/girl at their teenage wants to move away from parents and some of them are doing marriage their own and after marriage they even don’t care to meet their parents.

6. After marriage if parents give some advice to their children then they feel that from starting of childhood they are only rely on parents advice, so now they start ignoring parents advice even it is right and as time passes they start ignoring their parents also.

7. Some aged parents become ill frequently so that their wife/son feel irritation to serve properly and they are not taking proper care of their parents. (Children’s forget that from childhood to teenage time how many times they fell ill and their parents night and day wake up to take care of their child).

8. Some parents are too much controlling their child after marriage also in every single thing and they don’t let their child/wife to take decision on small matters also.

Now in today’s time in every home both husband and wife are doing job and if their child is too small then baby sitter is coming to take care of him/her in some cases. So if parents are staying with them then they feel privacy problem and some times they feel that they are not fully enjoying because of their parents.


Every person is free to choose their living style and we can’t say that everyone is wrong or right because what is right matter for one person may be wrong for another person but still both are right from their perspective.

In the conclusion, it is my personal view that a boy/wife has to give importance and respect to their parents after marriage also because for parents always you will be child and parents will never think wrong for their children and always they want their growth in the life.

For parents also I want to say that, yes you give advice to your child /daughter in law after marriage also but also give respect to their freedom.

Note : I have written this post purely based on my thoughts and it is not related to any of the person directly or indirectly. This post is for awareness among the people only.

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