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Today is 21st century and men and women of the world are becoming more and more intelligent. This is the time where mankind give something best to the other human especially to woman.

I am today not bias for woman and not saying only to give importance to woman, men are equally important, but the question is why we have to give respect to woman.

The thought behind the title of this article is that since past woman is suffering more than men and so many times women supporting group arguing that they didn’t get enough respect and position in men driven world. 

We have seen in news for misbehaving with women in workplace, public place, in home as domestic violence. 

Raping girls/woman even in this 21st century is shocking because now we have more facilities and more intelligence compare to past and we have to utilize this for betterment of humankind not for making Fun to particular gender. 

All people have equal right to live on this earth. Ultimately we all are human and all are same.


Now below reasons are there for arguing why we have to give respect to women.

  • Men are in this world because of women only.
  • Women generally sacrifice more than men for Ex. Giving birth of child, pregnancy pain, raising child (mostly difficult in rural area).
  • After marriage she left his home at which she grown from childhood and she adjust in her husband’s new home by sacrificing her life’s most memorable days.
  • In so many houses after marriage dowry related problems are facing by women because every women’s family background is not rich and she has to hear from her husband’s family life time which is not good.
  • I have seen in my childhood that women’s went with pot on their head for bringing drinking water from water tanker and in some dry areas from well in hot weather and from too much distance to maintain enough water for their home.
  • Now in cities women have more freedom and facilities to enjoy life but in many parts of world still women cannot wear some particular cloths because of the mindset of the people and she has to sacrifice her dreams of wearing clothes for the sake of family.
  • In the past most of the women’s are housewife and she has to take care of every family members and children also, so after all at the end of the day she tired by doing only work and this routine keeps on going years by years till the old age of her life.
  • Entertainment sources and employment opportunities in developing areas are very little so that mostly women have to sacrifice their dream of job if she is living in outskirts and underdeveloped areas.
  • Sexual harassment of women is still there in 21st century of the world which is disgusting, in newspaper, television news channel we are frequently seeing the stories of harassment of women at workplace, public places etc. and that is the worst thing for so called educated peoples who are involving in this activities.
  • In red light areas so many women’s forcefully doing sexual activities because some of them taken into this business by saying false promises of job and after that they blackmailing for reveal their identity to the world.

Many peoples are seeing girls who are wearing short or very fashionable cloths in different angle, why??? They have all the right what to wear and what not. They have freedom to choose for their body, we have to understand this simple thing.

By all this points I am not justifying that women is poor by mindset and they are not able to resist the wrong thing, it is absolutely not what I mean to say. Yes there was era when women faced too much problem and yes now also they are facing but less then past.

Now today governments of different countries of world made very tough laws to protect the women from being harassed at any place and special helpline numbers for women, special privilege in some areas and in some situations available to ease the life of girls/women’s.

So these are the things that government is doing, but we as a human especially men have to understand the situation of women and he has to create respectful environment for girls/women so that women feel proud.

We need to teach our children that how to respect to girl/women and we don’t have to see her as an object.

Women is playing many roles in their life as a sister, wife, mother, housewife, office boss, entrepreneur, social worker and many more…!!!! So it is our moral duty to respect the women.

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