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Why You Should Never Charge Your Worth — Bright Space Coaching | Leadership Development for Women in STEM

(Last Updated On: September 26, 2021)

Last Updated on September 26, 2021 by Admin

So many business coaches out there are encouraging you to “charge your worth.”

That kind of advice might work for white men, but for women who have been conditioned to measure their worth based on external factors, it’s anathema.

For centuries, women have been taught to measure their worth based on how they look, how they keep their house, how well-behaved their children are…

And now, with more than 51% of businesses being owned by women, we’re now measuring our worth based on the income we bring in or how many clients we enroll. 

This needs to stop. 

It’s time for women to stop taking advice from the very people who make us question our worth in the first place.

Because you are worthy. Period.


Here’s why you should never charge your worth:

Your Worth is Immeasurable

Your worth is immeasurable. You are worthy because you are alive and breathing. You are worthy because you exist on this planet. Your worth is inherent.

It’s impossible to charge your worth – how can you place a dollar amount on the strengths, experiences, personality, and skills that make you who you are?

When you believe you should charge your “worth,” you begin to measure your self-worth based on whether or not you make the sale, or on how much money you earn that month or over time.

The truth is: your self-worth has nothing to do with how much you earn.

The advice to “charge your worth,” becomes a problem when you judge your self-worth on the ability to achieve the revenue goals you set for yourself. This makes you particularly vulnerable, because not reaching those goals can result in feeling like a failure or impostor, or in giving up on your business.

Charging this way can also keep you on the confidence rollercoaster. The months when you enroll your desired number of clients or earn your income goals are amazing – you feel confident in yourself and your ability to serve others.

However, if you have a slower month or don’t enroll any clients, or you struggle to put yourself out there and earn nothing, you feel worthless. And when you feel worthless, maybe you really believe that you are worth less, so you begin slashing your prices and giving clients a discount just to work with you.

This cycle of feast or famine is not sustainable – for your confidence or your bank account. Undercharging for your transformational services sends a message that you don’t believe in yourself. And if you don’t believe in yourself, how will your clients know you can help them?  

In fact, some clients will never work with a coach who has low prices. So you’re turning away clients who need your services because you equate your worth with your price.


We’re All Worthy

Many of us struggle with a lack of self-worth. Stories from our past lead us to believe that we’re not good enough or smart enough or pretty enough to get what we want. Or, that what we want is stupid, ridiculous, or never going to happen.

Do you believe that you deserve to raise your prices or receive the income you do? Do you feel guilty for what you have? Start by exploring these feelings.

When you have thoughts of scarcity, it’s easy to see everything from this place. It’s easy to believe that you don’t have enough education, or you need one more certification before you can raise your rates or attract your dream clients. It’s easy to believe that you won’t get the revenue you deserve or that you don’t deserve to pursue this business at all.

Shifting your thoughts to believe that you are inherently worthy will help you develop an abundance mindset. Know that you are worthy by virtue of being here, being human. You are worthy of anything you want in the world.

Believing that you deserve more doesn’t mean someone else gets less. Sometimes, we think, “why do I deserve this when there are so many great coaches out there?” Or even, “why should I charge more when that coach has far more experience than I do?”

These beliefs imply that some people are worth more than others. That some people are more deserving of things than other people. And if that were true, then it means that some people are better than other people. Which is simply not the case.

Instead, shift your thoughts to believe that everyone is worthy. Everyone is deserving of everything in the world simply because they exist. There is more than enough to go around.

And yes, there will always be people who have more experience than you. There will be people who have less experience than you. You can choose guilt and comparison because you don’t believe you’re worthy of what you have, or you could choose gratitude for what you have and use your resources and knowledge to make an impact in the world.


You’re Really Selling Value

Worth is inherent. You are worthy because you exist, and everyone on this planet has the same inherent worth. Value is where we tend to get confused. Value is the experience and the expertise that you bring to the table in your daily work.

Instead of thinking, “I need to work harder to prove my worth,” remember that you’re actually showing (not proving) your value. You can work hard and own your strengths and capabilities, and this can remind your brain why you started this business in the first place – to use your skills, expertise, and experience to serve others.

Worth is not something to be proven. You are automatically worthy. Remind yourself of your value. Be consistent about the level and quality of work you’re providing, and you won’t have to prove a thing.

You are worthy no matter what. You’re not more worthy because you work 60 hours a week or have every certification or because you made $10k this month, or because you enrolled 10 clients.

And you’re not less worthy if you flex your schedule to be able to show up to your kids’ school events or haven’t gotten your Master’s yet or because you only made $1k this month or because you didn’t enroll any clients.

Let me remind you that you are worthy by virtue of being a human being on this Earth.

You are worthy of the prices you charge or the income you desire whether you put in 30 hours or 60. You are worthy of the clients whether or not you have the certification or a bunch of letters behind your name. You have nothing to prove.

Instead of worrying that you’re unworthy, try focusing on value. It’s a subtle nuance, but value is about what you bring to your clients. It could be your strengths, experience, expertise or skillset. It’s about the transformation you provide and how you improve the lives of the people you serve.


Your Value Sets You Apart

Worth is inherent; we are all worthy. Value is different for each of us, because we all have a unique blueprint of strengths and experience that make us who we are. 

In marketing, to show something’s value, we use a Unique Selling Proposition, or USP. In other words, what makes this product or service stand out from its competitors? Well, I like to use my own version of USP: Unique Soul Perspective.

Your Unique Soul Perspective is the combination of traits, experiences, strengths, passions, purpose and values that make you stand out. That give you an edge. That prove that you have something valuable to offer the world (because you do!).

When you’re connected to something meaningful, something bigger than yourself, you can use that connection to build your self-worth. Identifying your core values and finding your life purpose are two ways you can get clear on what really matters to you.

And when you’re clear on your purpose and how you’re meant to serve the world, you can align your business to your strengths, skills, and expertise. When you use your strengths and expertise on a daily basis, you start to build confidence in yourself and your value.

Start by identifying your core values. What drives your decision-making? What do you stand for? What guides your life? Use this core values list as a guide, then choose your top five values.

Next, identify your strengths. You can list out what you’re good at, the skills you have, or what you’re experienced in. Or, you can take an assessment like the StrengthsFinder or my Feminine Leadership Styles Quiz.

Finally, document your experiences and accomplishments. This can be tough, but the things you’ve achieved over your lifetime help create a solid track record of your expertise. Even if you don’t have a degree or certification. When you list out your experiences and achievements, you’re gathering new evidence of the coach who provides incredible transformations for their clients and serves massive value every day.

So, what is your USP? Being a leader in your field? Being the go-to expert on a specific system or topic? Being the first woman to do something? Leveraging your experience to help someone else? Using your unique perspective to change someone else’s?

Once you’ve determined your USP, you can use this unique value to remind yourself that you are capable, competent and worthy of charging for the transformational services you provide.


How to Charge Your Value Instead

Now that you know the difference between worth and value and can convey your value using your USP, it’s time to charge your value instead.

First, it’s important to consider your experience, skills, and strengths. You did this already in the USP exercise, so it should be top of mind. What experience, skills and strengths make you an excellent coach? How do you use those assets to serve your clients and make an impact? What transformations do your clients experience when working with you?

Then, consider how long you’ve been in business, or how many years of experience you have working with clients in your field. This isn’t to say if you’re just getting started that you are less valuable and therefore should charge less. Rather, this is meant to remind you that your prices should increase over time.

For example, as a management consultant, my colleagues and I billed out to our clients at different rates, based on years of experience or education. As you gained more experience, not only did you bill at higher rates, but you got a raise every year and were eventually promoted.

You should be looking at your business the same way. Even if you’re just getting started in business this year, what transferrable skills can you lean on? What experience do you have that is extremely valuable to your clients? 

Next, price your offerings based on the transformation you provide – the value – not the components or how many hours your clients spend with you. Your clients don’t care how many lessons are in your online course or how many hours they get with you 1:1. 

Your clients only care about the transformation you provide and whether you will be able to solve their most pressing problems. 

So, think about how your client benefits when working with you. How does their life improve? How do they change or grow? What problems are you solving for them? It doesn’t matter whether that takes three sessions or 12 sessions.

Keep in mind, some clients will never work with a coach who has low prices, because they equate price with value. They think your services will be low quality, or that they won’t achieve their goals by working with you.

Finally, if you need to have an hourly rate, for example, as a retainer, here’s a quick tip: take your current hourly rate (from your 9-5 salary or what you charge today), then triple it!

As a business owner, you need to cover your expenses, including setting aside funds for taxes, health insurance, or to pay your employees, so it’s important to include those expenses in the prices you charge.

With all of those pieces in mind, what will you charge for your signature offering? What do you provide that is extremely valuable to your clients, and what price conveys that value?

And when you have that number, I’d love to know what it is! Feel free to share it in the comments.



The Takeaway

Your worth is immeasurable, and everyone has the same inherent worth. When you charge for your services based on your “worth,” you begin to judge your self-worth based on what you earn. Instead, focus on creating massive value for your clients, then charge for the transformation you provide. You can use your Unique Soul Perspective (USP) to set you apart from others in your industry – further proving the value you provide.

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